DÉFILÉ CRÉATEURS : Interview Yannic Hong

Can you introduce yourself?

Before I came to France I finished my Master of Art in Fashion Textile Design in Hong Kong. This is one of the best fashion schools in Asia. I did my first collection for the Hong Kong Fashion Week and I got to get known by people. And then I came to France. Actually, I work at ENSAIT, the textile engineer school in Roubaix and I do research and also a little bit of teaching with all the students for internship and projects in laboratories. The European project at ENSAIT is about sustainable design and management for fashion so I have been on these projects for several years. I think it is necessary to do something new and to do something to promote the idea of sustainability and fashion because we have lots of designers who do sustainable fashion but they’re actually from the research point of view, what they do is sustainable on a very  small part, for the material. But the most important part would be for the organization of the whole supply chain. The business chain relies on more than the product itself so I want to use what I have done in the research work and find the connection between that industry and the sustainability. My personal style is about futuralism, unisexism and it is very scientific oriented, I put that together to find new styles.


When did you start to get attracted to the world of fashion?

Before, my dream was to be an architecture designer. In the Chinese system when you go to university you need to register and you need to choose but sometimes there is a lot of people and because there were too many people in the architecture program, I was shifted to the fashion program. Then, if I didn’t accept it I start over again.


So it was by chance?

Yes, it was by chance but I find it interesting, it’s another way of expression. I always find inspiration in architecture to be expressed in fashion.


Where do you get your inspiration?

Most of the time, I get inspiration from the persons I’m working with and I have very specific interests of my own. I’m interested in architecture with strong, powerful lines and structure. Also, I’m interested in science work because I’m a scientist also so I work with a lot of them so I’m always inspired from the people I’m working with and the things I see and I will try to link different aspects. For that collection, I was inspired from kamis because with the sustainability project I worked with a lot of kamis. I find their personality very interesting so I’m trying to show that personality in the collection.


How do you choose your team?

I think all of our team is interested in sustainability. It’s a lot about fashion work but it’s not the reason we get together. We get the common


How do you communicate as a creator?

We work with Maison de Mode so we have the communication platform of Maison de Mode where we promote their concepts. And also I’m a person of many dimensions, I’m in the research work so I can easily get more contacts than other designers and most of the time they are contacts of good level. For example, I do research on the European level and also we do corporate projects between China, Europe and the USA so it’s easy to get good contacts to show the project. It’s kind of an advantage because for the real research work, if we discuss with them about the design they will be easily attracted and happy to promote and also for the design work, they are really interested in technology. I can share with them the technology part, I can easily combine and balance the different aspects to show the personality of our brand.


What is your favorite social media?

Instagram. We also go to fashion weeks so it’s a chance for us to show ourselves.


Where do you get your inspiration?

When I was younger, my neighbor was a painter. She did special paintings combined with different styles. She created new styles, the paint was in black and white but there are a lot of textures and structures inside. She influenced me quite a lot. That’s why i like architecture since and i also like to influence it into the garment style i create.


What would be the collab of your dreams?

I think my dream would be to collaborate with Balenciaga. There’s not a lot of details and you can see the power.


Last but not least, are you excited for our runway?

Yes of course! Unluckily I won’t be there but I hope you’ll succeed!

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